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Barbados offers a great deal of sophistication blended with an authentic Caribbean feel.

Grantley Adams International
45 in
114 cm
West Coast Beaches
Mount Gay Visitors Center


Barbados Restaurants

Guests of Barbados villas enjoy some of the finest dining anywhere throughout the Caribbean when the dine in Barbados restaurants. From elegant beachside gourmet feasts, to refined formal dinging, Barbados villas guests have a wide variety of authentic Barbados restaurants to frequent while staying on Barbados. As a service to our guests in Barbados Villas, we have listed a few of the most notable Barbados restaurants below.

One of many fine Barbados restaurants, Carambola's Barbados restaurant offers dramatic lighting and alfresco dining at this Cliffside setting overlooking the Caribbean.
The restaurant serves some of the island’s best food with a menu of classic French and Caribbean cuisines-and a shot of Asian to add to the intrigue.
Phone: 246.432.0832.
Reservations are required and open nightly. Closed Sundays.

The Cliff:
A top choice of Barbados restaurants for romance is this Barbados restaurant built atop a 10-foot coral cliff adjacent to the Coconut Creek Hotel. While low key in its atmosphere, this Barbados restaurant has attracted Prince Andrew and other renowned guests. IT offers an innovative menu with nouvelle accents accompanied by the freshest of local vegetables.
Phone: 246.432.1922.
Reservations required in winter and open nightly for dinner from 6:30 PM.

Offers a good value in an informal bistro setting.
Gourmet Magazine praised its signature dish, a grilled local lobster, a must when dining at Barbados restaurants.
Phone: 246.432.6386.
Reservations recommended.
Open Monday-Saturday

Dining in Barbados restaurants is truly that, dining. Many islands have good food, some have great. The restaurants in Barbados fall in to this latter category. Barbados restaurants make that little difference when dining is important. Please take time to enjoy other Barbados restaurants and share your thoughts.


Barbados History

Barbados History
Over Barbados history, it is frequently known as “Little Britain”, it was in fact the Spanish that first arrived. After conquering the Carib Indians, the Spanish departed and were replaced by the Portuguese who began a new period of Barbados history and named the island Los Barbados (the bearded ones) because of the beard like appearance of its fig trees. In 1625, after the Portuguese had deserted the island, Captain John Powell landed and claimed the island of behalf of King James 1, changing Barbados history forever. Within ten years, British colonists established a House Assembly, which remained the governing body until the island’s independence in 1966, a momentus day in Barbdos' history.

England was generous to its wealthy citizens and allocated them land throughout Barbdos' history, which they used to develop into tobacco and cotton plantations. In the 1630’s, sugar cane was introduced to the island and because a huge success. Indeed, over Barbdos' history Barbadians dominated the Caribbean sugar industry and Barbados became a cash cow for England as the island’s sugar industry prospered. The “landed gentry” made enormous fortunes off of sugar and were able to enjoy an extravagant and lavish lifestyle with great houses and plantations built in the Georgian style that remain even today as a reminder of Barbados' history.

Unfortunately, to meet the production demands of the sugar industry, slaves were shipped from England as well as convicted criminals. When the need for even more labor increased, slaves were supplied from West Africa. In 1834 slavery was abolished and many former slaves took advantage of the island’s superb education system and went on to prominent political offices on Barbados. Barbados' history has dealt with many of the effects of the islands economic system.

Tourism dates back through Barbados' history to the 1700s when visitors like George Washington came to the island for its healthful climate, it was not until the 1950’s that the island became a favorite destination for wealthy British travelers. By the 1970’s the allure had spread to North America. Today, over one million visitors come to Barbados each year, adding a new chapter to Barbados' history. Barbados villas have played a major role in the modern landscape of the island.

Barbados villas combine the rich Barbados history and beautiful Island with the natural splendor and beautiful climate of the Caribbean.


Barbados Golf

Barbados villas offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy Barbados golf while spending time on some of the Caribbean's finest golf courses. Barbados golf is an makes Barbados an exceptional golfing destination, offering world-class courses as well as family oriented par 3 courses, many near Barbados villas. Barbados golf has a championship course at the Barbados Gold Club and is open to the public while offering challenges for all levels of play. The Sandy Lane Resort offers players exceptionally lush greens and premier conditions to play gold in Barbados. Barbados Villas provide a unique Barbados golf vacation.

Barbados Golf Club:
18 holes.
Phone: 246.434.2121
A 6,805-yard par 72 Championship golf course is open to the public and the work of Ron Kirby one of the world’s most experienced golf course designers. The Barbados Golf Club offers panoramic views of the Caribbean and year round conditions. The course was completely reconstructed.

The Barbados Golf Club offers panoramic views of the Caribbean and year round conditions. Barbados Golf course was completely reconstructed and re-designed in 2002 when it reopened as the first Championship golf course on Barbados. Barbados Golf club offers 6, 905 yard par 72 course that has been approved by the PGA European Tour to host a PGA Senior Tournament in 2002.
Barbados Golf Club
Green Fees:
$73.49 per person valid May 1-Dec. 14, 2002. Barbados Golf Club rates subject to 7.5% tax and may change without notice. Carts are extra but not mandatory and clubs, shoes and lessons are available directly through the Barbados golf course.

Sandy Lane Resort:
18 holes.
Phone: 246.432.2829/246.432.2831.
The Country Club at the Sandy Lane Resort is a superb 18-hole course with spectacular vistas of the nearby Caribbean Sea. The prestigious Sandy Lane Golf Club underwent a dramatic redesign by Tom Fazio and re-opened in December 1999. Eventually, Sandy Lane will boast 45 holes with two 18-hole championship courses both designed by Fazio.
Green Fees (18 Holes):
The Country Club at Sandy Lane-$100
Old Nine at Sandy Lane-$60.00
Rates are valid between April 16 and Dec. 14, 2002 and are per person and include caddy. Rates are subject to a 7.5% tax and may change without notice. Club rental, shoes and golf lessons are available.

Rockley Golf Course:
9 holes
A pleasant 9-hole course with par 36.
Green Fees:
9 holes -$63.25
18 holes (2 x round the 9 hole course)-$92.00

Royal Westmoreland:
18 holes
Phone: 246.422.4635
Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., this course is set high up on a former sugar plantation. The course meanders through the 500-acre Westmoreland Sugar Estate and offers views of the nearby Caribbean Sea are magnificent.

Barbados Villas offer an exceptional Barbados golf experience. Barbados golf offers challenging courses and delightful surroundings, enhancing any Barbados vacation. Come enjoy golf in Barbados for yourself.


Barbados Airport Transfers

The Barbados Airport, the Grantley Adams Airport, is located on the southeastern coast, about a 45-minute drive from the majority of the Barbados villas which are located on the west coast of the Barbados Island. It is our recommendation, therefore, that Barbados villa rental guests permit Villas Caribe to arrange private Barbados airport transfers for their arrival for additional fees which generally run approximately US $60-$200 per passenger round-trip depending upon the proximity of the Barbados rental villa to Barbados airport and the number of people in the party. We may then have the car rental delivered to the Barbados rental villa for arrival.

Barbados Airport
Barbados airport makes Barbados island villas some of the easiest properties to fly to of any Caribbean villa destination. Barbados airport is accesible, by direct flights in many situations, through Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI). Many airlines have access to the Barbados airport or have ancillary flight accommodations that can be made available to those wishing to reserve any Barbados Villas.

Barbados airport, Grantley Adams International, services both international and regional services and is located 9 miles southeast of Bridgetown city center.

Barbados Airport facilities provide a selection of bars and restaurants including fast-food pick up, ice cream, and snack and drink stands. An airport post office is also available for those headed to Barbados airport.

A business center is available as well at the Barbados airport. The facility, provided by Club Caribbean Lounge, has internet and fax communications as well as available meeting rooms. British Airways business and first class lounges also offer such communications.

BGI also has an accessible pharmacy, clothes shop and supermarket. After a quick check through security, duty free shopping is also available at the Barbados airport.

There are several banks and money change services available on site.

For  passengers with a disability headed to Barbados airport, the terminal has easy access to arrival and departure halls, which are both situated on the ground floor. An elevator is available to access restaurants and facilities on the mezzanie.


Listing of carriers who access Barbados Airport.

American Airlines
Air Canada
Air Jamaica
Caribbean Star Airlines

Approximate flight times:
NY to Barbados Airport: 4.5 hrs
Miami to Barbados Airport: 3.5 hrs
London to Barbados Airport: 8 hrs
Toronto to Barbados Airport: 5 hrs
Montreal to Barbados Airport: 5 hrs
Frankfurt to Barbados Airport: 9 hrs
Brussels to Barbados Airport: 9 hrs
San Juan to Barbados Airport: 1.5 hrs

Immigration Requirements
Every person entering Barbados, or planning to stay on Barbados Island or in Barbados villas must have in their posession a valid passport and a valid return ticket.

For up-to-date information on travel and document information when visiting Barbados or renting a Barbados Villa, please visit the State Department.

Extension of Stay.

Visitors wishing to extend their stay should apply to:
The Chief Immigration Officer
Immigration Department
Careenage House, The Wharf
Bridgetown, Barbados
Tel: (246) 426-1011

The application must be made on the prescribed form, which is available at the department.

The following are required in support of the application:
(a) one passport size photograph
(b) a valid passport or travel document
(c) a valid airline ticket
(d) evidence of means of support
(e) application fee of BDS$25.


Barbados Watersports

Barbados Villas offer the opportunity to enjoy all conceivable Barbados watersports…from swimming and snorkeling to Barbados diving, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing. Barbados Villas offer the full catalog of Caribbean Watersports. Barbados diving is one of the more entertaining and active expeditions.

Barbados Diving and Snorkeling:
Barbados diving spots offer exceptional close-in snorkeling directly off their spectacular white sand beaches. The best underwater adventures are found on the west coast of the island where reefs, shipwrecks and myriads of aquatic life abound. Barbados Watersports provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy an active Barbados diving and snorkeling, making your Barbados vacation even more enjoyable.

Barbados water sports are unique opportunity to explore the option of Barbados diving. There are over 20 fabulous Barbados diving locations surrounding the island's coasts. Many divers come to Barbados because they have come to love the Barbados diving facilities. Many of these same Barbados diving locales are also ideal for snorkeling in Barbados. Much of the best Barbados diving is in the serene waters of the Western coast. There are sunken ships and coral reefs to explore in some cases while diving in Barbados.

There are many Barbados diving spots to choose from. Each Barbados diving spot offers something different, allowing for all levels of experience to participate in diving in Barbados. Some Barbados diving spots have incredibly close encounters with tropical fish, while Carlisle Bay offers a protected are to view shipwrecks while diving in Barbados. No Barbados diving vacation is complete without a nice shell souvenir, but please exercise caution and restraint while on Barbados diving expeditions.

Barbados Windsurfing:
Barbados villas are one of the world’s top destinations for windsurfing in Barbados. Barbados is ranked in the top 10 for ideal conditions with year round winds and warm waters. Indeed, Barbados hosts numerous events on the professional windsurfing circuit. Most of the competition in Barbados takes place on the island’s south coast at a spot known as Silver Sands. Much of the event can be viewed just a short drive from many Barbados Villas. International windsurfers visit annually for events that include the Barbados Cup and the Professional Windsurfing Association’s Silk Cut Purple Wave Grand Prix

Barbados Deep-Sea Fishing:
Vast arrays of big game fish live in the oceans surrounding Barbados, many of the same fish found at Barbados diving spots. Several different companies on the island offer guided Barbados fishing excursions with a focus on big game fish like marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado, barracuda and kingfish.

Barbados Boating:
Glass bottom boat tours are popular as well as theme cruises where passengers are able to swim, dance and party on the deck of a huge ship. Barbados glass boats are the next best thing to Barbados diving.


Barbados Communications

Barbados villas all are equipped with telephones and Barbados villa rental guests will be advised of the particular phone number of the property prior to departure. Please do note, however, that the majority of Barbados villas properties have a de-bar system on the phones which permits only local calls and collect international calls. If Barbados rental guests would like to have the de-bar removed from the phone, it is imperative that they notify us well in advance as an additional deposit is required. Alternatively, phone cards are available for purchase at hotels, post offices, supermarkets and some shops. All of the Barbados public phone booths across the island accept phone cards and you may call locally or internationally from the phone booths.

Barbados Mobile Phones:
800 MHX analog or TDMA digital phones:
These are the only types of cell phones that work on the island. Be sure to check with your home cell phone service provider to see if they have a roaming agreement with a company in Barbados. Barbados villas should always be in service areas.

GSM mobile phones:
These do NOT work in Barbados…If you have a GSM World telephone, consult your mobile phone service before you leave to find out what you need.
Mobile Phone rentals:
For your stay in any of the Barbados villas you may rent a Barbados mobile phone through Cable & Wireless, Ince Cellular, Global Business, Cable & Wireless Cellular and Cellular Telephone Rentals Center.

Fax Machine Rentals:
Fax machines are available for rental while staying at Barbados villas and the cost is approximately US $50 per week plus an installation fee and delivery fee of US $38. 00. There rates are subject to a service charge and 15% VAT and are subject to change.

Barbados Radio

        Click Here for Barbados Radio (90.7fm)

Barbados Internet Cafes:
Within driving distance of many Barbados Villas, internet cafes offer a simple way to keep in touch with your online activity while you are on vacation, though you may not want to leave any of the Barbados villas.

Global Business Centre: West Coast Mall, St. James
Hours Mon.-Fri.: 9 AM-5 PM, Sat. 9 AM-1 PM
Price: $0.25/min.
Phone: 246.432.6508

Computer Internet Services: Broad Street Mall, Bridgetown
Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8:30 AM-5 PM, Fri.: 8:30 AM-6 PM, Sat. 8:30 AM-2 PM
Price/Hour: $2.00US / 15 mins; $7.50US / hour
Phone: 246.431-0756
Fax: 246. 431-0756

Barbados Newspapers
Many foreign newspapers are widely available at supermarkets throughout Barbados, though one can guarantee to find a good paper in Bridetown. Barbados has three major daily publications of its own: the Barbados Advocate, The Nation, and East Caribbean News. The Barbados Advocate was founded in 1895 and is the nation's most established published newspaper. The Barbados Advocate does good general news coverage. The Barbados Advocate features a variety of local news, sports, and business events on Barbados island. For online news, visit the Barbados Advocate’s website.


Barbados Nightlife

Enjoying Barbados' nightlife is easy for guests of Barbados villas. The Barbados nightlife really lets you take your hair down in the evenings. Clubs offer the live sounds of jazz, socca, calypso and reggae making Barbados nightlife a musical sensation. While the west coast offers many more sedate venues, it is the St. Lawrence Gap area that rocks the night with dancing and drinking until near dawn as the sun rises over the Barbados villas as Barbados nightlife turns into Barbados beachlife.

The majority of the Barbados villas are located on the exclusive West Coast of the island, often referred to as the “Gold Coast”. The West Coast borders the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and offers outstanding sugar white sand beaches. Once guests have settled into their villa, a Villas Caribe representative is available to meet with you should you require any information on the island and is on-call throughout your holiday should you need assistance.

The wonderful Barbados villas are found nestled in the bays of St. James and St. Peter and dotted throughout the prestigious Sandy Lane and Royal Westmoreland Estates. Each property is staffed and private, while being just minutes away from some of the finest restaurants and attractions available throughout the Caribbean.

Car rental

Barbados Villas - Barbados Car Rentals

We highly recommend that clients use Barbados car rentals and rent a vehicle for their stay in any of the Barbados villas. We would be happy to arrange client’s Barbados car rentals and have the vehicle delivered to the Barbados villa on a complementary basis for their arrival. As there is no reliable cab service on Barbados, most clients find Barbados car rentals an invaluable service. In addition to a Barbados car rental, Villas Caribe can also arrange roundtrip Barbados airport transfers. As such, your Barbados car rental can be delivered to any of the Barbados villas upon your arrival, and left at your Barbados villa rental upon your depature. Barbados car rental rates are as follows:


 Barbados car rentals CONDITIONS OF HIRE:

**In order for Villas Caribe to confirm a Barbados car rental for clients, it is necessary for them to submit a 15% deposit to us. All Barbados car rental clients must be over 21 but under 75 years of age and must have held a valid driver’s license for at least two years. It is compulsory to have a Barbados driving permit and our representatives are authorized to issue them at a cost of $5.00 US each. A variety of Children’s car seats are available for rental upon request.

With the rates quoted, the client is comprehensively insured, except for a deductible of $1500. US in the event of an accident.  This deductiblecan be covered by (a) a collision damage waiver of $10. US/1 day, $18. US/2 days, $25. US/3 days, $35. US/4 days & $49. US/per week or (b) by leaving a credit card or cash deposit for $1500. US.  This deposit is returned at the end of the hire if there is no damage to the vehicle.  NOTE:  This collision damage waiver does not cover damage to tires or rims)

Vehicles are delivered with $12.50 US of gas in the tank.  Clients will be charged for the gas in the vehicle on delivery and should leave it as empty as possible at the end of the hire.

Charges for hire, CDW insurance, gas and child seats are all subject to a 15% VAT.

All Barbados car rental taxes are subject to change without notice.


Barbados Weddings

Barbados Marriage & Barbados Weddings:
Barbados villas provide a most exceptional setting for Barbados Weddings. Charming and sophisticated, Barbados villas offer an extroardinary opportunity for Barbados weddings you've dreamt about. Barbados weddings may take place on the serene estates of many Barbados villas with tropical surroundings adding to the touch of the ceremony. The light caribbean breeze and beautiful environment give Barbados weddings a special element, a memory to be savored. Arranging a barbados wedding in Barbados Villas is relatively easy and couples may even get married on the day of their arrival. Marriage licenses must be obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Phone: 246.431.7750, Fax: 246.437.3794. To arrange Barbados weddings couples must be prepared to provide a passport or a birth certificate with a photo ID, US $150 in fees and a $25 revenue stamp, which is obtainable from the post office. We are also happy to provide our clients with the names and phone numbers of personal wedding consultants and planners for coordinating Barbados weddings at Barbados villas. When organizing Barbados weddings one will find the same services they would require in planning weddings at home. Barbados weddings are a tradition in the Caribbean and as such the people on the ground ensure that Barbados weddings will go smoothly and planned. Barbados weddings provide a perfect memory and a tremendous experience.


Barbados Shopping

Barbados Shopping
Barbados villas offer a myriad of tempting shopping experiences. As you're shopping in Barbados, discover charming wooden chattel houses filled with exotic tropical sarongs and hand painted resort wear. Other Barbados shopping allows you to peruse air-conditioned emporiums of linens and fine imported china. World-class jewelers offer rare gems and watches while fragrance shops provide all of the scents you could possibly imagine. A vibrant art community on the island creates handmade jewelry, sculpture and paintings (many of which are displayed within Barbados Villas) making Barbados shopping a fantastic experience.

Barbados villas offer a variety of Barbados shopping experiences from art galleries to an exceptional selection of fine jewelry. The duty-free merchandise is offered at prices 20%-40% less than in the U.S. or Canada. Popular items include cashmere, fine English china, tobacco and the island’s famous rum.

Barbados, also, boasts a thriving artistic community. Visitors will find numerous galleries located throughout the island. Local crafts include mahogany carvings, basketry, locally made jewelry and souvenirs. Hand painted china and local pottery line the craft markets. Visitors will find exceptional black coral jewelry made from fossilized Bajan coral and carefully polished and set into gold or silver.

Rum is obviously another great buy while shopping in Barbados. Mount Gay Rum has been producing fine rum for over three hundred years and a variety of blends are available for purchase.

Barbados Shopping areas
Best of Barbados Ltd
Many of their products are designed by their principal designer, Jill Walker, whose superb artistry and talent is highly recognized, even outside Barbados shopping circles. Best of Barbados was started in 1975 by Jill and her architect husband, Jimmy. The company is located in the beautiful and historic setting of the restored Welches Plantation complex in the parish of St Thomas. Over the years the range and variety of their products has expanded enormously to include water color prints of the islands, ranges of kitchen and tableware accessories, jewelry, t-shirts and children's clothing, cookery books, board games, pottery, stationery, glass, ceramics and much more. Their shops are also the one of the main outlets for many other craft workers in the Barbados shopping industry.

Best of Barbados Ltd is a great for anyone shopping in Barbados.

Cave Shepherd
The leading tax-free center for Barbados shopping. Cave Shepherd has internationally known merchandise at great prices. This Barbdos shopping destination offers cosmetics, clothing, liquor, electronics, crystal and china at very low prices.
Branch stores are located in Holetown, at the airport, and in the Cruise Ship Terminal.

   Broad Street, Bridgetown

Chattel House Shopping Village
The Chattel House Shopping Village can be found in the St. Lawrence Gap, where great Barbados shopping can be found. It is comprised of several shops selling souvenirs, gift items and more! These shops are all replicas of the traditional Bajan chattel house and are painted in beautiful pastel colors.

St. Lawrence Gap, a 1.3 km stretch of road in the parish of Christ Church, is famous for its fine restaurants, diverse accommodation, lively nightlife and good shopping.

'The Gap', as it is commonly known, is a place where various cultures intermingle creating a uniquely Barbados experience... it is an experience that should not be missed for entertainment and Barbados shopping.

   St.Lawrence Gap
   Tel: (246) 428 2474

Little Switzerland
If Luxury is what you desire while Barbados Shopping, Little Switzerland is a great specialty retailer. sYou'll find the Caribbean's premier duty-free shop overflowing with gold jewelry, precious gemstones, fragrances, crystal, china and the islands' largest collection of Swiss timepieces. Luxury is easy to find while shopping in Barbados.

   Da Costa's Mall Broad St., Bridgetown

Quayside shopping Center
The Quayside Shopping Centerhas a small group of boutiques that bring together Barbados shopping.

Sunset Crest
Sunset Crest has a branch of the Cave Shepherd department store, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and several small shops while shopping in Barbados.

Barbados Currency:
Shopping in Barbados is a very simple and fun task. For Barbados shopping, the Bajan dollar is converted at the rate of $1.98 BDS to $1.00 U.S. The BDS dollar is fixed to the U.S. Dollar and does not fluctuate. At Barbados shops the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted as well travelers’ checks, and Canadian currency. Major credit cards are widely accepted as well for Barbados shopping. Guests of Barbados villas should feel comfortable with shopping in Barbados.

Barbados Customs & Duty-Free Allowances:
U.S. Citizens duty-free allowances:
If you have been shopping in Barbados, departing citizens whose stay is in excess of 48 hours may take back, free of duty, articles totaling up to US $400 (based on the retail value of the items in the country of purchase) on their return. For Barbados shopping, duty on purchases in excess of the US $400 exemption is 10% on the next US $1000 and thereafter. Duty free liquor is permitted at one liter per person for persons over the age of 21 yrs who are shopping in Barbados. Stays at Barbados villas offer a great opportunity to take advantage of the duty free side of Barbados shopping.

Barbados Banks:
Barbados shopping is made easier by good access to banks. When shopping in Barbados, banks are open from 8 AM –3 PM Mon.-Thursday and from 8 AM-5 PM on Fridays. Most of them have ARMS/ATMS that will accept credit cards, Cirrus, Plus & Inerac. Most Banks are a short drive from many Barbados villas.

Barbados Grocery Shopping:
When food shopping in Barbados, visitors will find the supermarkets near Barbados villas are well stocked and offer a staggering array of exotic and distinguished specialty foods for the good life. It is recommended that clients secure a pre-stocking of the villa prior to their arrival so that they will have food and beverage items upon their arrival. Grocery shopping in Barbados has many of the luxuries travlers enjoy in their own homes.

After their arrival at Barbados villas, guests may sit down with the cook at the and plan the rest of their weekly menu. Throughout their stay, they may either grocery shop on their own or alternatively take the cook with them to select the appropriate items for their menus prepared at the Barbados Villa.

Barbados - Budgeting a villa vacation:
In addition to the weekly rental rate for a Barbados villas, the additional costs involved include but are not limited to the following:

Air Transportation
Airport Transfers
Car Rentals
Tip for the staff
Groceries & beverages: Generally budget approximately US $200-$225 per person/adult for 3 full meals per week. These charges can obviously vary up or down depending upon the menu selections at your Barbados villa.


Barbados Vacations


Barbados Beaches:
Barbados vacations are known for their spectacular beaches, many of which are in close driving distance from Barbados villas. The entire West Coast is bordered by the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and offers sugar white sand and clear calm waters. For more information regarding Barbados Vacations and Barbados villas, please click here.

Barbados-West Coast:
Many taking Barbados vacations will stay in Barbados villas that we represent, located on the calm West coast along the tranquil Caribbean Sea where swimming is fabulous and safe. An almost unbroken chain of beaches forms the coastline between Speighstown to the north and Bridgetown to the south, some Barbados Villas lie in between this stretch and provide the perfect backdrop for Barbados vacations.

Barbados - Gibbs Beach is a magnificent stretch of beach that offers calm, clear waters and good snorkeling on a Barbados vacation.
Mullins Beach - just south of Speightstown at Mullins Bay, offers glass clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling and swimming as well as Barbados watersports and the Mullins Restaurant which serves snacks, meals and drinks.

All of the beaches during Barbados vacations are open to the public including all staying at Barbados villas. Barbados has no nude beaches and nudism is actually illegal due to its history of conservative British traditions.

Barbados - South Coast:
The south coast offers gentle waves for body surfing, buggy boards, surfboards and some of the best windsurfing in the world. Many can be reached from Barbados villas.
International surfing competitions are held on both the South and East coasts and make a great addition to all Barbados vacations.

Barbados-East & North Coasts:
The East and North coasts of Barbados are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean where huge waves crash along the shore and is, therefore, not safe for swimming except in a few of the protected bays. When taking a Barbados vacation, those few Barbados villa guests that are near this shore should drive to other beaches for ocean swimming.

Barbados Boating:
Glass bottom boat tours are popular for guests on Barbados vacations, as well as theme cruises where passengers are able to swim, dance and party on the deck of a huge ship.

Historic Babados Vacations

Barbados Estates & Plantations:
Some great historic expeditions lay in wait for those on Barbados vacations. The island of Barbados was colonized by the British in the 1600s and is home to many lavish estates and mansions that brim with history. In the past, these homes were often owned by the operators of sugar plantations. Today these beautiful estates and plantations provide interesting history lessons during barbados vacations and are frequently situated in the most picturesque locations on the island.

Codrington College:
Located high on a hill, it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and offers one of the most spectacular views of the East Coast of Barbados. Built in 1743, Codrington College is the oldest Anglican theological college in the Western Hemisphere. The grounds are open to the public and visitors will enjoy strolling past the magnificent grounds lush with palm trees and lily pond on their Barbados vacation.

Drax Hall:
Drax Hall was built in the 1650s by brothers from a very wealthy and well connected family. The Drax made their fortune in sugar and their plantation holds considerable influence with historians and architectural buffs. A classic Jacobean mansion it features steep gable roofs, casement gable windows, corner finials, carved archways and a Jacobean staircase of mastic wood. Drax Hall is the oldest surviving Jacobean mansion in the Western Hemisphere.

Heritage Village:
Located on the grounds of Tryol Cot, Heritage Village is a living museum and one of the most popular showcases of Barbadian history and culture. It is comprised of a collection of attractive Chattel Houses, each displaying works by traditional craftsmen and artists. Visitors will find leather goods, ceramics, pottery and local confectionary as well as the island’s world famous rum.

Sam Lords’ Castle:
The Castle was built by the buccaneer Sam Lord and is still considered one of the island’s finest mansions. Built in 1820, the opulent estate offers magnificent double verandahs and majestic plaster ceilings created by Charles Rutter the craftsman responsible for some of the ceilings in England’s Windsor Castle.

St. Nicholas Abbey:
St. Nicholas Abbey is the oldest building in Barbados and one of only three surviving Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. Built in the 1650’s, the great house featured Dutch gables, coral stone finials, a Chippendale staircase and fine antiques and china. Its original owner, Colonel Benjamin Berringer, supposedly still haunts the Abbey.

Barbados Vacations Events:
Having the right timing can mean a great deal when planning Barbados vacations. From jazz to opera to fishing, Barbados vacations offer a plethora of island fun.

January: Barbados Jazz Festival & the Barbados Windsurfing Championships

March: Holder’s Opera Season-a celebration of opera, music and theatre & the Cockspur Cup Race

April: Mount Gay International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament

May: Barbados Pan Festival (steel pan music), Kensington Oval world cricket test matches.

June: Barbados Golf Club Tournaments

July: Crop Over Festival –dating back to the 1700s a major carnival that celebrates the sugar cane harvest with festivities that include parades, calypso music, crafts and plenty of good times.

August: Banks Hockey Festival-one of the largest field hockey tournaments in the Western hemisphere drawing teams from around the world.

November: Independence Pro Surfing Championships

December: Barbados Marathon

Active Barbados Vacations

Barbados Hiking:
A variety of hiking opportunities exist during Barbados vacations…The rugged east coast is popular with adventure seekers taking Barbados vacations, while those looking for a more leisurely hike head inland or on the Arbib Nature & Heritage Trail which explores the history of Speightstwon. Additionally, the Barbados National Trust leads hikes throughout the year that provide interesting information on the history and natural beauty of the island.

Barbados Horseracing:
Barbados vacations offer three seasons that run throughout the year and race days are gala events with bands and dancers. The main event of the season is the Sandy Lane Gold Cup (formerly known the Cockspur Gold Cup) with a prize that attracts jockeys from the Caribbean, United Kingdom and Canada. Barbados villas offer a spectacular setting for a post race celebration.

Barbados Horseback Riding:
Several companies on the island offer guided tours that lead visitors through spectacular scenery as well as riding through the surf on deserted beaches, a romanatic interlude for many Barbados vacations.

Barbados Sports:
Cricket, Cycling and Mountain Biking, Golf, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Sports Fishing, Diving, Parasailing, Sailing, Surfing, Polo, Tennis, Kayaking and Windsurfing are all available to those taking Barbados vacations.

Barbados Snorkeling & Diving:
Barbados vacations offer exceptional close-in snorkeling directly off it’s spectacular white sand beaches. The best underwater adventures are found on the west coast of the island where reefs, shipwrecks and myriads of aquatic life abound.

Barbados Tennis:
While on Barbados vacations, the majority of the large hotels and resorts on the island have tennis courts that may be booked even if you are not a guest. Additionally, there are public courts at the National Tennis Center and Folkestone Park, many are accesible from some Barbados villas. Please note that traditional whites are generally worn when playing tennis on Barbados vacations.

Barbados Windsurfing:
Barbados vacations provide one of the world’s top destinations for windsurfing. It is ranked in the top 10 for ideal conditions with year round winds and warm waters. Indeed, Barbados hosts numerous events on the professional windsurfing circuit. Most of the competition takes place on the island’s south coast at a spot known as Silver Sands. International windsurfers visit annually for events that include the Barbados Cup and the Professional Windsurfing Association’s Silk Cut Purple Wave Grand Prix. Barbados vacations offer some of the best access to windsurfing in the world.

Natural Barbados Vacations

Barbados Wildlife Parks:
A wide variety of exotic wildlife exists on Barbados including the green monkey and whistling frogs.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve:
Offers a unique experience for visitors to experience a variety of exotic fauna, peacocks, ducks, turtles and other friendly creatures that are permitted to roam free on the reserve.

Barbados Zoo:
The Barbados Zoo is a unique facility in that it was once a working sugar cane factory until recently.
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